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Get Your QRP Residency NOW!

Overseas Permanent Retirement Residency                             This Year!

        Protect yourself before it’s too late,

In times of great change, people in the know with Insider information do smart things to protect themselves. One of the latest trends is not just diversifying assets…


You can Plant your Flag in Belize!

* Would you like to establish simple residency in another county but don’t know how?

* Want to “dip” your toes into international living but not ready to move full time?

* Want to have a great place to visit every year that you love going to while protecting your assets?


If you answered yes to even ONE of these questions, then the Belize Qualified Retiree Program (QRP) is right for you. Belize has long been ranked as having one of the best retiree programs in the world. 

The QRP is an established residency program in Belize that offers expats generous tax and many other benefits. Publications such as “International Living” have raved about the program for years. But what has not been publicized enough is the fact that you can do it NOW, before you even make a move.

Many people establish dual residency. People that have lived their lives in the north often establish a residence in Florida or Texas or Arizona for the better weather and often lower tax burdens. Establishing a Belize residency is no different. You keep your driver’s license, voting privileges and you still pay taxes. But, if you do it correctly, just not as much.

Who Qualifies?

-45 years of age and up

-Show proof of $2000/month income

-Pay $0 income tax to Belize

If you want to know more, please keep reading. We know you have lots of questions and here are the main ones:

But, I’m not of retirement age. What age qualifies?

The QRP is open to anybody 45 years old and up.

How much money do I need to have?

You need to show $2000 per month active or passive income or $24k/yr.

How much time do I need to spend in Belize?

Just 4 weeks per year. Think of it as a great vacation to somewhere you enjoy every year. And if you establish a business of some type… it’s a write off.

What are the tax benefits?

You are exempt from paying taxes on any income derived outside Belize whether a business or investments.

If I do decide to move down, what are the other benefits?

You can import your household/personal items and vehicle including aircraft or boat duty free for up to one year after being accepted.

Can I still work?

You cannot work for a Belizean company, but you can own a business, run an internet business from anywhere or continue to run your business back home. You are only a retiree, IN BELIZE.

Don’t I lose my home country passport and residency?

Becoming a resident under the QRP Residency Program doesn’t affect your current residency. You still have all rights back home including voting and more.

If I never move down or decide to choose another country, how does that affect me?

It never hurts to have dual residency and you have a great vacation every year. “What If” is a powerful thing to have covered. If you choose another country, it affects nothing in Belize and if you let it lapse, there is no charge.

How do I do this?

The process includes a following the trail of paperwork in Belize City over a number of trips.

I don’t have the time to do all that. Is there an easier way?

At The Belize Insider, we can take care of ALL the leg work for you. We pay all the fees and hit all the correct offices. All you have to do is provide the correct documentation to us.

How much is all this going to cost me?

Total cost is $2350 including all local fees and our services. You can add additional family members for less for children under 18 or students under 23 for $750 US per dependent.

How long does the process take before I am a resident?

Times may vary depending on paperwork transfer from your end, but the average time is six weeks.

What else can I do? And what are the benefits?

The Belize Insider can also set up a Local 250 Company for you. If you decide to live in Belize at some point, this gives you the asset protection advantage of owning a company while being under the QRP. The cost for this is $1000. The Local company can own a local business in Belize if you choose, but you will have to hire staff to run it for you. If we do your QRP also, there is a 25% discount. We can also put you in touch with our partner that can set up an International Business Corporation (IBC) for you. This option opens up asset protection programs.


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